RGB Balancing and batch processing

In this tutorial I show the method I use to RGB Balance planetary images with PixInsight and how to do further processing like deconvolution and wavelet sharpening of many images in one batch job.

Note that with the help of some PixInsight Forum Members we found a better formula to whitebalance the image than I show in the video. This is the proper formula for balancing the channels:
R: $T*mean($T[1])/mean($T[0])
G: $T
B: $T*mean($T[1])/mean($T[2])

$T[0] = red
$T[1] = green
$T[2] = blue

For reference, this is the formula I use in the video:
R: $T*(1-(max($T[0])-max($T[1])))
G: $T
B: $T*(1+(max($T[0])-max($T[2]))+(max($T[1])-max($T[2])))